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Our upcoming events are listed below:

CrossTalk DC Conversations: "A.C.T.O.R. (A Continuing Talk on Race)"

A.C.T.O.R. is a recurring open discussion series hosted by Busboys and Poets as a community service. The acronym stands for “A Continuing Talk On Race”. It provides the opportunity for people to come together and speak openly and honestly about issues of race. The intent is that each person walks away from the discussion feeling something: challenged, educated, uncomfortable, enlightened, refreshed, reassured and hopefully inspired and moved to action! Each month there is a new topic for discussion. Last month, we discussed The Changing Vernacular of Social Justice. In June we'll be discussing Jim Wallis book America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America.

Fri 7/1/16 6:00PM CrossTalk DC Conversations: "A.C.T.O.R. (A Continuing Talk on Race)"

CrossTalk DC Conversations: Muslim American Identity in the US

Besheer Mohamed, senior researcher at the Pew Research Center, will explore place of Muslims in the U.S. He will discuss survey data that attempts to quantify how Muslims are perceived by the larger US public and how that perception has shifted over the years. He will also present data on size and attitudes of American Muslim communities in the U.S.

Fri 7/8/16 6:00PM CrossTalk DC Conversations: Muslim American Identity in the US

CrossTalk DC Conversations: DC Public Library's Peabody Room

Jerry A. McCoy, special collections librarian at the DC Public Library's Washingtonian and Peabody Room, offers a brief history of the Peabody Room (nearly destroyed by fire in 2007) and highlights artifacts of African-American history from its collections.

The DC Public Library's Washingtoniana holds more than 25,000 books and other printed materials, covering all subjects related to the District of Columbia. The Peabody Room is a special collection of Georgetown neighborhood history that offers information about the community's homes, businesses, past residents, genealogy, and social history. Additional information is available at The DC Public Library's website.

Fri 7/15/16 6:00PM CrossTalk DC Conversations: DC Public Library's Peabody Room

Joseph Roach
2016-17 LECTURE
Joseph Roach

Join Dr. Joseph Roach, the Sterling Professor of Theater at Yale University, for this special talk.

Literary celebrity expands beyond the literary canon, inspiring fan cults that resemble those otherwise devoted to icons of popular culture.  Standing above and apart in the scope of their fame, Shakespeare and Austen also claim pride of place in the number and ingenuity of the physical objects created to represent them.  Now that these two stars are summoned by their first names to appear together at the Folger in the presence of the tchochkes collected in their memory, it's time to ask what heavenly magic they have in common that makes so many admirers want to bring them down to earth. 

Tue 10/4/16 7:00PM Joseph Roach